Over the years, offering a better and healthier lifestyle to Wicked Fitness clients became increasingly important. We believe in doing all we can to empower, revitalize, re-energize, and create an environment where patrons simply “love life” in their skin…no matter their size or shape. Recognizing that the vast majority of us lead frantic lives, skip meals, and welcome fresh, healthy eating alternatives, Wicked Healthy Kitchen was opened up to the public and located in it’s own, separate

building next door to our fitness studio.We are shifting the community’s perspective on healthy eating one dish at a time. At Wicked, we cater to a wide variety of dietary needs (vegan, gluten free, dairy free, paleo, etc) without compromising taste and we can modify any menu item for you. Our scratch made meals are crafted with your wellness in mind. Transitioning to a plant based lifestyle, we have you covered. We make healthy eating convenient. Allow us to remove at least one of your daily chores…cooking, serving nutritional meals to you and your family is our pleasure. We invite guests to enjoy delicious foods in our casual dining area or take advantage of having meals packaged for on the go. We also have a Meal Prep service for your convenience.

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