Wicked Healthy Kitchen is open up to the public and located in it’s own, separate building next door to our fitness studio.

Why Wicked Healthy Kitchen? It’s simple; we have made it our mission over the years to offer a better, healthier life style to our Wicked Fitness clients. We believe in doing what we can to empower, revitalize, re-energize and create an environment where women just simply love life in their own skin no matter what size or shape. When our dedicated, committed to their health women told us of their struggle to find healthy food options for their on the go lifestyle, we decided to take action!

The perfect compliment to our fitness programs at Wicked Fitness, we created Wicked Healthy Kitchen where anyone and everyone can embrace a healthier option for breakfast, lunch or dinner. We hope you find a chance to come visit us and experience what “Wicked” is all about!

Our Menu
Eating fast food for breakfast, lunch or dinner is no longer your only option. We know it is not always easy to take the time to prepare healthy meals if you have a hectic schedule. At Wicked Healthy Kitchen, we care about enriching the nutritional lives of our guests, which is why menu items are prepared for anyone with a conscience – paleo, vegetarians, vegans, dairy free, and gluten free.

The menu line-up at Wicked Healthy Kitchen is staff inspired and turns into colorful plates of nutritional eats. We offer individual portions and meals to feed a family, with a variety of entrees, sides, and desserts.