Menu is subject to change.

We provide quality, healthy, fresh meals that are delicious, nutritious, packaged to go (or eat in) & highly organic & locally sourced whenever possible.

Below you will find some of our best sellers but your options are pretty much limitless. If we had to name one thing we are famous for, it would be our freshly baked gluten free muffins!  Definitely worth stopping by for. We also feature off menu items daily and if we have the ingredients, we can make just about anything.  Substitutions are available on any menu items and special orders are encouraged.

(GF) = Gluten Free (V) = Vegan (K) = Keto


Vegan & Gluten Free Muffin of the Day(V/GF) $4.00

Muffin of the Day (V) $3.00

Eggs Your Way – cooked to order & side of Spaghetti Squash Hash-browns (GF) $6.75

Over Night Oats with Fruit, Chai Seeds, and Maple Syrup
drizzle (V/GF) $4.75

Spellbinder Veggie Wrap – fresh Sautéed Onions, Mushroom, Red Pepper topped with Spinach and Cheese of your choice(V) $6.75

Consuming raw or under cooked eggs may increase your risk of food borne illness.


Add B12 to any Smoothie $1.00

Yemaya Coco Smoothie – Chocolate, Peanut Butter & Banana and Vanilla Vegan Protein Powder (V/GF) $6.75

Berry Bliss Smoothie – Banana, Strawberry, Blueberry, Berry Vegan Protein Powder and Almond Milk (V/GF) $6.75

Green Goddess Smoothie – Banana, Peach, Kale, Spinach, Vanilla Vegan Protein Powder & Almond Milk (V/GF) $6.75

Cafe Mocha Smoothie – Coffee Infused  smoothie with Banana and Chocolate Vegan Protein Powder (V/GF) $6.75


Solstice Salad – Seasonal Greens, Ribbon Cut Red Cabbage, Carrot Shreds, Red Onion, Chopped Apple, Dried Cranberries & Walnuts served with Dressing of your choice (V/GF) $9.75

Web Weaver Salad – Fresh Greens with Black Bean and Corn Pico, Sliced Tomato, Red Pepper and Red Onion (V/GF) $9.75

Vegan BLT – Chopped Greens, Vine Ripened Tomatoes and our House Vegan Bacon with Avocado and Red Onion. $9.75

Wicked Egg Salad on Avocado Toast – Fresh Hard Boiled Eggs Grated and blended with Vegan Mayo and Chopped Jalapeños. Served on an Avocado “Toast” on a bed of Greens with Carrot Shreds and Red Onion (GF/K) $8.75


– Served on a Spinach Tortilla

Avocado Wrap – Fresh Avocado slices with Carrots, Red Cabbage Ribbons, Red Onion slices, Tomato, Sliced Red Pepper Greens (V) $6.75

Wicked Chick Wrap – House cooked Chick Peas smashed w/ Vegan Mayo and chopped Pickles on a Spinach Wrap, Fresh Greens, Red Onion and Shredded Carrots (V) $6.75


– Served on Cracked Wheat Bun with a side of Black Bean Pico or Salad of the day

Wicked Bean Burger – Served on a toasted bun, Cheese
of your choice, Fresh Greens, Tomato Slice, & Fresh Red Onion (V) $9.00

Mushroom Melt – Sautéed Mushrooms and White Onions with Cheese of your choice & pile of Fresh
Spinach. (V) $8.75

Avocado Melt – Fresh cut Avocado, Cheese of your choice, Thick Tomato slice, Sliced Red Onion & Greens (V) $9.00

Vegan Cheese: House Smoked Cashew Cheese, Mozzarella, or Pepper Jack.

Dairy Cheese: Provolone or Pepper Jack


Eggplant Meatballs & Pasta – House made Eggplant Meatballs with our own Vegetable Marinara served over Whole Wheat Penne Pasta (V) $8.75

Quesadilla – Green Spinach Wrap Grilled with choice of Cheese and served with Black Bean Pico (V) $6.75


Keto Bomb (K) $1.00
Wicked Kitchen Protein Balls (V/GF) $6.75
Wicked Vegan Cashew “Cheese” 6oz (V/GF) $6.75
Bean & Corn Pico Salad (V/GF) $3.50
Shakti Vegan Crisps (V/GF) $2.75
Wicked Deviled Egg (K) $1.75
Add Egg $1.00
Add Avocado $1.50
Gluten Free Bread $1.50
Add Turkey or House Vegan Bacon $2.75